5 Things Why We should Invest in Crypto

1. Deflation > Inflation

We trade services and products using currency (Fiats: $USD ) that are getting more expensive over time. Why? Because of its circulating supply, the more circulating supply of fiat, the more price of products and services will increase. That’s inflation.

Deflation, on the other hand, is the increase in the value of a currency from products and services, like Bitcoin, 10 years ago 1 bitcoin can be traded for a box of pizza, today you can buy millions of boxes of pizza using 1 $btc.

2. The Blockchain

Public ledger of every transaction. Due to its transparency to see the ledger of every transaction, You can assure that omitting data from its record is impossible. All blocks are recorded with time-stamps to ensure the security of the data and no corruption can be done on every transaction made. The blocks created with timestamps are connected with one another that’s why if someone omits data from its record, that block and the following blocks until the latest transactions must be erased.

3. Irreversible Transaction

Every transaction is irreversible by nature, once done it cannot be redone or resend or whatsoever it calls. It is one of the powers of the blockchain to ensure security from peer-to-peer. Though many hackers try to steal and suck funds, they have a difficult time doing such jobs, more difficult than banks heist. Transactions are done from hashes to hashes or wallet address to wallet address only and without intermediary. A peer can only see its transaction but not the name of who is having that wallet, very different from traditional banks.

4. Decentralization

Decentralization is the process of making someone or something become independent. It makes us feel free and mobilize thinking that if you go to different countries, you don’t need to exchange your fiat currency for their currency just to buy a product or service.

5. Cheaper Fees

Blockchain fees are cheaper and faster than any traditional money transfer. (not ETH today. LOL.) Not all but most cryptocurrencies do have zero fees when sending money and other cryptos like $ADA can send different currencies with one transaction.

The main goal of an investor is to yield profit by managing his risk. Cryptocurrency is much more volatile than foreign exchange or stock market but the gains are much more higher than any legit investments. Because of its cheap price in fees, profits are maximized and no need for an intermediary to realize gains.

Cryptocurrency is the next generation of money transfers and store-of-value because of its scalability for us that need many transactions in a day through data transfers like video calls, cloud storages, social media interactions, money transfers. With this new technology, our world will be better. The only thing that it can shut off is if the internet is no more working. Embrace the new norm, invest in cryptocurrency.

Start with Binance, if you still don’t have Binance. Create an account and start to yield good gains every day.



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